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Well, that’s an odd airflow – Wotofo/SMM Cog RTA Review

May 22, 2020 - vape

Well, that's an odd airflow - Wotofo/SMM Cog RTA Review


The Wotofo Cog RTA is the newest tank from Wotofo which goes down the road of MTL (Mouth To Lung) and not just that, its also a colab with another reviewer, Matt Culley of SMM fame. So, with the rather novel way of doing the airflow, and the rise of the MTL market, how does this tank fair? Let’s find out.

═╣ Wotofo/SMM Cog RTA ╠═

00:05 ◄ Intro and specs
01:22 ◄ Close up and build
15:30 ◄ Vape
17:19 ◄ Thoughts


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