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Daily Archives: January 7, 2020

New Coming BuyBest Flash Sale – $26.99 for Vaporesso Swag II
BuyBest New Flash Sale Update – Only $26.99 for 80W Vaporesso Swag II TC Box Mod and $16.99 for CKS Junior Pod System Kit. So excited to tell you the [...]

Flavors of the Year 2019 ft. Fresh03 [ Noted: ep. 132 ]

Multistreaming with

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Flavors of the Year 2019 ft. Fresh03 [ Noted: ep. 132 ]

My BROKEN Intake Dual RTA

It’s broken but I love it. Probably could have condensed this whole video down to that one sentence. It’s broken… and I do love it. Honestly it’s a rad RTA. Good flavor, good airflow, solid deck. Easy wicking, no leaks, what more could you ask for?

It’s really only around $35 round the internet and yes, I’m probably going to go buy ANOTHER intake dual. It’s damn good. No links allowed



The science is in on vaping. The science has been in for a long time.

This information is being actively suppressed. Other countries like the United Kingdom, Sweden , Canada, New Zealand and Japan are embracing vaping as a form of tobacco harm reduction and are seeing MASSIVE drops in deadly cigarette smoking.

We CAN BOTH end youth use, and embrace adult use, and save some lives in the process.

Read the science for yourself
Original 2016 RCP Report on Tobacco Harm Reduction

Guardian reporting on the RCP report

3.5 Year study

Canada has reasonable regulations, and low youth use. Also low smoking rates

Consumer group


Industry group


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My BROKEN Intake Dual RTA

FA'Q Monday #45 - Shut your mouth Already!😮😮😮

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FA’Q Monday #45 – Shut your mouth Already!😮😮😮

Let's DIY a couple of One Shots from VSO and more!

Please get ready to bring your recipe ideas. You can pick from my flavors that I have on ELR under my flavor stash and let’s get mixing!

I started doing this DIY for all of you. No fears, Wendy is here to help. Learn how to DIY without feeling overwhelmed. Come mix with me.

Come join and hang out with us!!

Here I answer questions from other vapers, provide information, and at times I will even do a live coil build. Don’t be shy.. come say hi.

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Let’s DIY a couple of One Shots from VSO and more!