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Daily Archives: January 2, 2020

FDA Bans Flavored Pods - Live W/ Dimitris Agrafiotis

In this livestream we will be talking about the FDA announcement today and what this means for the industry.

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FDA Bans Flavored Pods – Live W/ Dimitris Agrafiotis

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πŸ‘VooPoo NAVI AIO – Best in its Class?πŸ‘

1/2/20 VLOG! Flavors are banned. Flavors are not banned.  Trump is pandering

Welcome friends to the first VLOG of 2020! 1/2/20

We will be going through many of the regular segments this week including Beer, Mail, Liquid Tasting and more.

Were also going to be talking about the most recent flavor ban news, or 1/2 flavor ban I should call it? it honestly does not make a lot of sense to me and overall feels like a strange move. Lots of people seem very happy, but I can’t see this as a major win.

Timestamps, and all that Jazz will be getting added afterward. So if you’re here for the replay, and you don’t see any timestamps or anything. That just means i’m slacking off like whoah. Thankfully my man Jeremy is quicker than I am.

New York Times link, vaping works. Share this with the world. Gonna leave this link here for a while. Keep Sharing!!


The science on vaping is in. The science has been in for a long time.

This information is being actively suppressed. Other countries like the United Kingdom, Sweden , Canada, New Zealand and Japan are embracing vaping as a form of tobacco harm reduction and are seeing MASSIVE drops in deadly cigarette smoking.

We CAN BOTH end youth use, and embrace adult use, and save some lives in the process.

Read the science for yourself
Original 2016 RCP Report on Tobacco Harm Reduction

Guardian reporting on the RCP report

3.5 Year study

Canada has reasonable regulations, and low youth use. Also low smoking rates

Consumer group


Industry group

Vapor technology association


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1/2/20 VLOG! Flavors are banned. Flavors are not banned. Trump is pandering

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